VAPODEST 500, 230VAC 50-60Hz_1898056
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VAPODEST 500, 230VAC 50-60Hz


Fully automated system for precise analysis with integrated titration and data handling via the CG Dashboard 

VAPODEST 500 is the highlight of the current VAPODEST series and features outstand-
ing characteristics for all laboratories that value a fully automated process with com-
prehensive documentation and high-precision results. 
The apparatus helps you in your daily routine analyses. For example, you can reliably 
transfer the sample weight directly with the balance interface. After the analysis is 
complete, all the results are calculated and displayed immediately and can be printed 
out, if desired. The results can be printed out individually or all together once the entire 
series is complete.
The “CG Dashboard” data software makes it possible to transfer all data effortlessly 
via the internal laboratory network to the VAPODEST 500 unit.

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