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Cole-Parmer are delighted to offer Masterflex® peristaltic Tubing Pumps.

Customers select Masterflex because
 the pumps are easy to use. In most cases, they can be installed within minutes. With few moving parts, they're easy to maintain. 

Since peristaltic pumps confine the fluid to the tubing, the pump cannot contaminate the fluid and the fluid cannot contaminate your pump. To pump a different fluid, simply change the tubing.

Feature-for-feature, you will not find a lower priced tubing pump on the market. Even so, each component of a MASTERFLEX tubing pump is designed to strict standards and then rigorously tested; you can be confident of extremely accurate flow delivery.

MASTERFLEX drives, coupled with interchangeable pump heads and tubing, offer wide flow ranges and more than 10,000 possible pump combinations. Our pumps are designed for a wide variety of environments, from basic laboratory to industrial process to field use applications.


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