TRIVAC D 16 B-Ex IIC T4 3~ 50Hz_1884670
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TRIVAC D 16 B-Ex IIC T4 3~ 50Hz



TRIVAC B series pumps are oil sealed vacuum pumps based on the rotary vane principle. The oil injected into the pump chamber is used for sealing, lubrication and cooling purposes. The inner pump body is made of separate components with no additional sealing elements. The components are fitted with dowels to ensure easy disassembly and re-assembly.


- Environment-friendly: 1) Low noise 2) Low vibration

- Energy saving: 1) Low power consumption 2) Low thermal losses

- Modern vacuum technology 1) High pumping speed right down to the ultimate pressure 2) Low ultimate pressure, even with gas ballast 3) High water vapor tolerance 4) Continuous operation right up to 1000 mbar 5) Built-in oil pump, force-feed lubrication sliding bearing 6) Minimal inherent air intake 7) Highly leaktight (4 He-capable)

- Well-proven design: 1) Compact, air cooled 2) Handy, retractable handle 3) All controls and oil level check on the front side 4) Either horizontal or vertical intake and exhaust port 5) Service-friendly 6) Exchangeable inner section n Installation of mechanical and chemical/mechanical full flow oil filters possible 7) Shaft seals and O-rings are all made of elastomer FPM 8) Pumps are free of non-ferrous metals 9) Motor protection IP54/IP55


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