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Training system level control, HSI


The RT 010 – RT 060 device series contains a complete introductory course to control technology for the common controlled variables of level, flow rate, pressure, temperature, speed and position. The combination of the clear, real-world controlled system and simulations of other controlled systems aids understanding. Preparations for the experiments, as well as software simulations can be carried out in Remote Learning environments. The experiments can be observed at any number of workstations on the local network.

The RT 010 device offers basic experiments on a level controlled system with integral action. A transparent, water-filled tank is used as the controlled system. The level in the tank represents the controlled variable, which is determined by a measuring element, in this case a differential pressure sensor. The output signal from the sensor is fed to the software controller. The output signal from the controller influences the speed of the pump motor. This changes the flow rate of the actuator, in this case a speed-controlled pump. An electromagnetic proportional valve in the tank outlet can be controlled via the software in order to study the effect of disturbance variables. The control response is displayed in the form of a time dependency. The level can be directly read off the tank scale at any time.

The powerful GUNT software for the entire device series – in the form of Hardware/Software Integration (HSI) – is a major component for the entire series. The experimental unit and the PC are connected via a USB interface (external PC required).

The impact that modifications to the system behaviour have can be studied quickly and easily with the help of the software. An integrated programmer allows you to set reference values and time intervals to carry out reference value progressions. Further aspects of control engineering are studied using software simulations for controlled systems up to the 2nd order.

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