Communication Gateway, DeviceNet™ to RS232 Gateway, Compatible with CDN066_1206749
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Communication Gateway, DeviceNet™ to RS232 Gateway, Compatible with CDN066

TypeDeviceNet Gateway
DeviceNet Connector5-pin male microconnector
DeviceNet Data FormatSoftware selectable data word formats [high/low byte] or [low/high byte]
Power requirements11 - 28 VDC, 200 mA maximum
DeviceNet Data Rates125K, 250K, 500K bits-per-second, Rotary switch or software selectable
DeviceNet I/O MessagingPolled
Interface ModeDeviceNet Group 2 Only Slave
CAN Signal LevelsISO 11898
DeviceNet Output Message Size4 to 68 bytes (4 overhead, 0 to 64 Tx Message data), software selectable
Loss of GroundFull Protection Circuitry
Network ProtocolDeviceNet
Dimensions3.25 x 2.37 x 1.08 in. (82.6 x 60.2 x 27.4 mm), 0.5 in. (12.7 mm) mounting tabs
Mounting Holes4.76 mm diameter
Operating Temperature0 - 70°C
Storage Temperature-40 - 85°C
CDN466-4 Firmware 4.102 EDS file
CDN466-5 Firmware 4.106 EDS file
CDN466-6 Firmware 4.102 EDS file
ToolLink CDN466 CompactLogix Example
ToolLink™ CDN466 Gateway manual
ToolLink™ CDN466-5 Gateway manual
ToolLink™ data sheet

The CDN466-5 ToolLink™ Compact Communication Gateway connects RS232-based equipment directly to a DeviceNet™ industrial network. ToolLink™ gateways offer streamlined functionality to simplify out-of-box configuration and run-time operation in DeviceNet™ applications. The CDN466-5 is a compact DeviceNet to RS232 serial gateway, where the gateway is acting as a DeviceNet slave. The unit is housed in a 2½ X 3¼ plastic housing with mounting tabs. A 5 pin micro connector provides the DeviceNet interface and a 9 pin D connector provides the RS232 interface. The DeviceNet channel is fully isolated from the supplied power. The CDN466-5 may be used to interface peripheral devices such as a bar code reader to a DeviceNet system. The RS232 serial stream is internally buffered, allowing a Master node to send and receive data using standard DeviceNet messaging. The power is conditioned by a loss-of-ground protection circuit and applied to a non-isolated DC-DC converter to provide 5 volts at 500 mA. An isolated DC-DC converter is used to provide power to the DeviceNet channel and the unit - no external power supply is required. The CDN466-5 is backwards compatible to MKS' previous CDN066 gateways. The CDN466 includes many new features including DeviceNet Change-of-State I/O Messaging, i.e.: different receive modes (timeout, delimited, and length mode), and multiple user-defined delimiters, up to 4 bytes (unit is not limited to one delimiter byte configuration or delimiters order).

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