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Test stand for oil, natural gas and propane gas burners


Gas and oil burners can be used to generate heat for central hot water heating systems. Burners convert the chemically stored energy of the fuels into thermal energy. There are different types of burners that differ mainly in their design. Oil burners are distinguished as yellow flame or atomizing burners and blue flame burners. Gas burners can be built in the form of gas fan burners, which are optimised for different gases depending on the heating medium.

The HL 352 test stand can be used to study gas and oil burners and compare their thermal balance. The test stand consists of a heating boiler, a heating control unit and a domestic water heater. The accessories HL 352.01 oil burner, HL 352.02 natural gas burner and HL 352.03 propane gas burner are available. The flue gas can be analysed with the HL 860 Exhaust gas analyser. The test stand is supplied with a fuel oil tank.

A viewing window is installed in the boiler body, which allows the flame to be observed and the settings on the burner to be immediately assessed.

The test stand is equipped with the prescribed safety devices. A heatable domestic water tank serves as a second heat consumer.

In addition to oil pressure and flow rate, all relevant temperatures, water flow rates and the combustion chamber temperature are measured. A thermal balance can be created from the measurement data and the energy efficiency can be determined.

An integrated heating circuit with plate heat exchanger simulates a heater circuit. The measured values are transmitted directly to a PC via USB where they can be analysed using the software included.

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