Stuart, Flocculator, SW6 (CP Part 99551-05), 6 place, programmable_1713755
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Stuart, Flocculator, SW6 (CP Part 99551-05), 6 place, programmable


The price is inclusive of GST
No. of samples6
Speed Range25 to 250rpm
Timer0 to 99 minutes
Pre-set programs2
Controls keypadTouch sensitive
Digital displaysLED
Dimensions, mm (w x d x h)750 x 210 x 460
Net weight, kg17
Power230V, 50Hz, 200W
IP rating31
Stuart SW6

• Accepts six samples
• Digital indication of speed and time
• Two pre-set programs
• Built in illumination for easy viewing 
 of samples

For flocculation (jar) tests on water and effluent samples. The SW6 
accommodates up to six samples and is specially designed for repeatable 
conditions between samples and from run to run. 

A digital display clearly indicates the speed of the rotational stainless 
steel paddles, which can be varied from 25 to 250rpm. The digital timer 
can be set to count down from 1 to 99 minutes.  After count down, the 
paddles stop and an alert sounds. The timer then counts up in minutes in 
order to measure settling time.

Two pre-set programs allow routine speed and time parameters to be 
input and then selected by simply pressing one button. Parameters are 
stored in the memory and can be recalled or altered at any time. The 
intuitive touch sensitive keypad is totally flat for easy cleaning. Sample 
monitoring is assisted by diffused base illumination and black background. 

A simultaneous coagulant doser is available as an accessory.

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