GUNT, Tension Specimens, WP 300.25, Flat, Al, Cu, St, CuZn_1920566
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GUNT, Tension Specimens, WP 300.25, Flat, Al, Cu, St, CuZn


This set of specimens is available as an accessory for the WP 310 experimental unit. The specimens comply with the requirements of DIN 50125, shape E and are of rectangular cross-section. For marking the test length, there are two centre punch marks on the shafts.

The specimen is installed in the clamping device of WP 300.14. The specimens have a widened section at both ends for attachment, using this section the specimens can be hung in the clamping device. The resulting device is clamped into the tensile area of WP 310, between top crossbar and crosshead.

In the tensile test, a uniaxial state of stress is produced in the specimen by an external load in the longitudinal direction. Then a uniform normal stress distribution prevails in the test cross-section of the specimen. In order to determine the strength of the material, the load on the specimen is slowly and steadily increased, until the specimen breaks.

The set contains one specimen made of aluminium, one of copper, one of brass and one of steel.

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