Repet-Tips, 50 ml, 25 Pcs, Non-Sterile_1193853
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Repet-Tips, 50 ml, 25 Pcs, Non-Sterile


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Accuracy (A±%) Nominal Volume, at 10%0.3
Accuracy (A±%) Nominal Volume, at 100%0.3
Accuracy (A±%) Nominal Volume, at 50%0.3
Precision (CV±%), at 10%0.25
Precision (CV±%), at 100%0.08
Precision (CV±%), at 50%0.15
  • Repet-Tips are Gilson's REPETMAN disposable consumables.
  • Eight Repet-Tips available from 0.1ml to 50ml in standard and sterilised versions.
  • Sterilised Repet-Tips are individually wrapped and certified free of endotoxins.

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