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Renol Urine Osmolality Controls

Renol™ is a line of urine based osmometer control solutions that are intended for use in evaluating the performance of your osmometer in clinical laboratories testing human urine. Renol is specifically formulated at 300 and 800 mOsm/ kg H2O levels which are near clinically relevant decision levels where performance is critical for the proper interpretation of urine osmolality test results. Use Renol to ensure the accuracy of the osmometer when testing human urine samples and to comply with CLIA and CAP quality control requirements.




Renol comes premixed and ready to use in a convenient 2mL screw top barcoded vial. It is also available in a 3ml crimp to vial for osmometers requiring larger sample volumes


Renol is assayed to ensure consistent results from lot to lot and has the tightest manufacturing specifications of any osmometer control. This means you will spot shifts in instrument performance far sooner using Renol


Unlike many of the multi-analyte controls, Renol is formulated specifically for freezing point osmometers at two clinically relevant decision levels (300 and 800 mOsm)


Renol is manufactured to extremely tight tolerances and has the smallest lot to lot variability and tightest acceptable performance range of any urine control solution

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