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Refrigeration system with open compressor


ET 165 enables basic experiments in the field of refrigeration. The trainer includes a closed refrigeration circuit with open compressor, a condenser with fan, a thermostatic expansion valve and an evaporator in a refrigeration chamber with transparent door. A fan in the refrigeration chamber ensures an even temperature distribution. A cooling load is simulated by an adjustable heater in the refrigeration chamber.

The drive unit HM 365 drives the compressor via a V-belt. The compressor speed is set at the HM 365. The circuit is equipped with a combined pressure switch for the delivery and intake side of the compressor.

All relevant measured values are recorded by sensors. Digital displays indicate the measured values. The GUNT software provides exact data on the condition of the refrigerant, which is used to calculate the refrigerant mass flow rate accurately. The calculation therefore gives a much more accurate result than measurement using conventional methods. The simultaneous transmission of the measured values to a data recording software enables convenient analysis and the representation of the process in the log p-h diagram. The software also displays the important characteristics variables of the process, such as the refrigeration capacity and the coefficient of performance.

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