Q4 TASMAN 130, basic unit_1925594
Q4 TASMAN 130, basic unit_1925594
Q4 TASMAN 130, basic unit_1925594
Q4 TASMAN 130, basic unit_1925594
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Q4 TASMAN 130, basic unit



Outstanding analytical performance with low cost of ownership


Versatile x3 - optimal configuration for every need

The innovative single- or dual-optic concept with 3 variants delivers high-performance to cover every analytical need in the most economical way.


Intuitive Productivity - ELEMENTAL.SUITE

The pneumatic driven sample clamp ensures easy sample handling and accepts a wide sample variety. Combined with ELEMENTAL.SUITE, our next generation OES-software, this leads to functionality with ease-of-use.


10 Bases - Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Co, Ti, Pb, Sn, Zn, Mg

A complete selection of bases provides ready-to-use multi-base systems to enable trace metal analysis.


Key Benefits

  • MultiVision™- the innovative optics concept delivers the optimal solution for your applications, in the most economical way.
  • SmartSpark™ - the further optimized Digital Spark Source delivers improved analytical precision and shorter time-to-result.
  • Low Maintanance spark stand with improved co-axial argon flow and pneumatic sample clamp for hassle-free operation.
  • ELEMENTAL.SUITE delivers highest functionality combined with ease-of-use for information @ your fingertips.


Why do I need spark-OES?

OES gives you an ultrafast analysis of your solid metal sample without complications. All relevant elements are simultaniously determined.

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