Process control software for RT 681 and RT 682_1919840
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Process control software for RT 681 and RT 682


The RT 650.60 process control software (SCADA) was developed specifically for the RT 681 and the RT 682. It is possible to connect both trainers simultaneously. The software and the trainers communicate via PROFIBUS DP modules. Changes to the software are transmitted to the controller of the relevant trainer.

The process is represented in the “System diagram” window. The reference variable, controlled variable and manipulating variable are displayed in real time. Status displays for the alarms are also included.

The “Charts” menu item offers features including controller mode selection, parameterisation, setting of the reference variable and limit values for the alarm function, as well as display of the controlled and manipulating variables. The reference variable characteristic is specified in the programmer. A total of three programs are available, each with 15 segments, which are saved together with custom controller parameters. The messages are divided into alarms (status indicators, over/under limit) and information (status monitoring, approaching the limit). The message status is colour-coded. The control station function permits simultaneous monitoring and (if required) access to both connected trainers.

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