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PLC application: mixing process


This trainer for PLC applications can be used to create complex PLC control functions from the field of process engineering, particularly for processes involving metering and mixing. The system consists of the base frame with a storage tank, a centrifugal pump and a panel on which all components are clearly laid out. A pump delivers water to three tanks, controlled via solenoid valves. The level of water in the three tanks is monitored by capacitive proximity switches with adjustable sensitivity. The fluid from the three tanks can be mixed together in the downstream mixing tank. The mixing tank is also equipped with three proximity switches. A stirring machine assists the mixing process. All the tanks are transparent, so the conveying and mixing processes are clearly observable.

The trainer features a lab jack panel by which the signals from the capacitive proximity switches can be processed by PLC, and all the solenoid valves can be individually controlled. PLC systems from different manufacturers can be used. A rail on the model’s front panel is provided so as to allow for connection of the PLC. Although a PLC is not included in the package, the operation of the system can be checked without one. We recommend the use of PLC module IA 130.

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