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PLC application: materials handling process


IA 210 is a compact teaching and practice unit for the control of a materials handling process using a PLC. Two processes can be simulated: a punching process, or workpiece control in the form of a sort operation. All components are in a clearly laid out design.

Black and white cylindrical workpieces are fed from a container onto a conveyor belt. On the belt is a reflex photoelectric proximity switch which differentiates between light and dark and feeds the white items to the pre-selected process (punching or sorting). The black workpieces are always carried to the end of the belt, where they drop into a collector. Three 5/2-way solenoid valves, three double-acting cylinders and a pneumatic roller pushbutton can be operated via the PLC to execute the necessary steps: releasing the workpiece from the container; pushing the workpiece onto the conveyor belt; sorting or punching the workpiece. For punching, the workpiece is brought to a predefined position. The working cylinder can switch between sorting and punching modes by a simple sequence of actions.

The unit is designed for operation in conjunction with a PLC module. Use of PLC module IA 130 is recommended.

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