Pipetman P300M, Volume range from 20μL to 300μL, Repetitive mode: 10μL to 300μL_1184933

Gilson, PIPETMAN M, P300M, Single Channel Pipette, 20-300 μL, Adjustable Volume, Electronic Air Displacement, Non-Connected


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Pipetman P300M

Volume range from 20μL to 300μL; Repetitive mode: 10μL to 300μL


The electronic pipette guaranteed to perform with outstanding accuracy and precision in repetitive pipetting and precision in repetitive pipetting


  • Deliver on target performance

    • PIPETMAN M has been designed to offer guaranteed accuracy and precision in both standard and repetitive pipetting modes, as reliable sample preparation is central to producing meaningful science.


  • Pipette with less effort and more comfort

At Gilson, we place great value on producing products that not only enhance the science you do, but also make it easier and more comfortable to do so.

PIPETMAN M is an electronic pipette requiring virtually zero pipetting forces to aspirate and dispense samples. Lightweight, but built with strong materials, the optimized weight of PIPETMAN M gives you a perfectly balanced pipette.

  • Ease-of-use is right on the button. Pipetman M is a unique pipette with only two buttons to enable the pipette and reach all menu options. Scroll effortlessly between five pipetting modes;

    • Pipet (standard mode)

    • Repetitive

    • Reverse

    • Mix

    • Custom (personalized mode)


  • 2 year warranty

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