Gilson PIPETMAN G P200G Pipette, Manual Air Displacement, 20-200 μL, Metal Ejector_1201684
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Gilson PIPETMAN G P200G Pipette, Manual Air Displacement, 20-200 μL, Metal Ejector


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Gilson Maximum Permissible Errors, Random Error, at 100µl volume≤0.25µl
Gilson Maximum Permissible Errors, Random Error, at 20µl volume≤0.20µl
Gilson Maximum Permissible Errors, Random Error, at 200µl volume≤0.30µl
Gilson Maximum Permissible Errors, Systematic Error, at 100µl volume±0.80µl
Gilson Maximum Permissible Errors, Systematic Error, at 20µl volume±0.50µl
Gilson Maximum Permissible Errors, Systematic Error, at 200µl volume±1.60µl
Volume Range20µl to 200µl
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THE NEW PIPETMAN® G: Premium Pipetting Comfort!PIPETMAN G is a new mechanical, air-displacement pipette from Gilson.

PIPETMAN G offers you the LOWEST pipetting force on the market thanks to a new easy glide piston displacement that gives ideal pipetting and purge sensations.

Enjoy a new addition to PIPETMAN line with its legendary accuracy, precision, and robustness…with the highest comfort!



Your Benefits

  • Take a step forward in comfort
    • Redesigned piston assembly: new seal, lighter springs and high quality of grease to enjoy the lowest pipetting force available on the market!
    • Fulfils all expectations in terms of pipetting comfort even for intensive routine.
  • Keep your usual gesture
    • Same pipetting gesture as PIPETMAN Neo or Classic.
    • Ratio between pipetting and purge forces is maintained.
  • Choose its look: Classic or modern design
    • Stainless steel or plastic ejectors are available. They are both equipped with a clip ejector for an easy and safe access to the serviceable part.
    • Plastic ejector recommended when working with corrosive liquid.
  • Easy identification
    • A blue ring positioned under the thumbwheel allows to identify PIPETMAN G and to distinguish it from the Classic and Neo models.

Gilson's standards are even more stringent than those required by governing bodies: On average, PIPETMAN permissible errors are 2 times better than those recommended by ISO 8655!

Our pipette manufacturing plant has its own accredited calibration laboratory to control the accuracy and precision of each and every Gilson pipette. Gilson pipettes are individually calibrated and delivered with a performance check report. Each pipette bears an engraved identification number for traceability.

Decontamination & Autoclaving
Your pipette could be contaminated accidentally. The most frequently contaminated pipette parts are the tip-ejector and tip-holder.

For this reason, each and every Gilson PIPETMAN has autoclavable lower parts.

Tip-ejector, tip-holder and connecting nut can be sterilised in the laboratory under the following conditions: Moist heat/121°C/20 minutes/1 bar.

For maintenance and decontamination procedures, please refer to the related PIPETMAN user's guide.

Gilson believe that the quality of their pipettes must be matched by the quality of their service. That is why John Morris Scientific operate a Gilson-authorised service centre. This repair and calibration centre duplicates the conditions of Gilson's own factory, with controlled environments and regular inspections. Qualified technicians at our centre, having completed extensive training by Gilson, are specialists in the repair, calibration, and operation of Gilson products.

Compliance with Standards
ISO standards and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) require that laboratories perform regular inspections and calibration certification. Whatever your requirements - ISO standards, GLP guidelines, metrology - our specialists can help you implement procedures that are suitable for your applications.





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