Pipetman G Micro Volume Kit_1190116
Pipetman G Micro Volume Kit_1190116
Pipetman G Micro Volume Kit_1190116
Pipetman G Micro Volume Kit_1190116

Gilson PIPETMAN G Micro-Volume Kit Pipette, P2G, P10G, P100G, Manual Air Displacement, D10/D200 TIPACK, Metal Ejector


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Pipette TypeManual Air Displacement
Pipette Models IncludedP2G, P10G, P100G
Pipette Tips IncludedD10 TIPACK, D200 TIPACK
Pipette RangePIPETMAN G

PIPETMAN® G Microvolume Kit - The Premium Pipetting Kit to Maximise Accuracy and Precision!

PIPETMAN® G, as a new member of the PIPETMAN family, sets a new standard in terms of pipetting comfort. It has received an enthusiastic response from users who are looking for greater pipetting comfort without compromising PIPETMAN's legendary robustness, accuracy and precision.

This kit allows you to optimise the pipetting steps during a laboratory experiment protocol, thanks to our high-quality pipettes for accuracy and precision, and our PIPETMAN Diamond filter tips for minimising contamination.

This kit is dedicated to laboratory staff of diagnostics and biotech laboratories that are performing daily pipetting tasks, and are concerned about Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

The PIPETMAN® G Microvolume Kit includes:

  • 3 PIPETMAN G Pipettes: P2G, P10G, and P100G (equipped with stainless steel ejectors) + Dual Tip-ejector Adaptor for P2G and P10G
  • Two Tipacks of Sterilised PIPETMAN Diamond Tips: DFL10ST and DF100ST
  • Three Single™ Pipette Holders
  • Ten COLORIS Indentification Clips
  • One Gilson Guide to Pipetting Handbook
  • Three Plastic Tip Ejectors
  • Three Security Plastic Bags

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