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Parabolic trough collector


Parabolic trough collectors contain parabolically shaped mirrored surfaces to reflect and concentrate solar radiation onto an absorber. A heat transfer fluid flows in the absorber tube at the focal point of the parabolic trough and transports the absorbed heat away for further use.

ET 202.01, together with the ET 202 trainer allows you to investigate fundamental aspects of concentrating solar thermal energy use.

The light from the lighting unit in ET 202 is focused onto the absorber tube by means of the parabolic mirror. The absorber tube is fitted with a double-walled glass casing to reduce heat losses. The heat is transferred through a pipe in the absorber to a heat transfer fluid in the solar circuit of the ET 202 trainer, where it enters the storage tank.

In the experiments, it is possible to directly compare the temperature response and efficiency of the concentrating parabolic trough collector to a classic flat-plate collector. The distance to the ET 202 lighting unit and the angle of inclination can be changed. Measured data are captured, displayed and analysed with the help of the GUNT software in ET 202.

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