Oracle High Capacity System, ORACLE_1915971
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Oracle High Capacity System, ORACLE


ORACLE™ High Throughput

Designed for high sample volume customers to perform a direct total fat analysis rapidly while eliminating solvents and matrix specific calibrations. The ORACLE™ High Throughput can be used in conjunction with a convection or vacuum oven for moisture analysis and is pre-loaded with software to accommodate a robotic arm if future automation is desired.


- ORACLE™ - Includes benchtop NMR unit, processor box, and all necessary power cords and cables to perform total fat analysis.

- Line Conditioner, 220-240V/50-60Hz 1.8kVa - Used to improved the quality of the power delivered to the ORACLE™.

- Heater Block, 50-Place, 240V - For use with the Robotic Option to increase automated throughput from 50 to 100 samples.

- Robotic Option - Robotic arm connects directly to the ORACLE™ allowing users to analyze up to 100 samples unassisted. Includes gripper assembly for ORACLE™ tubes, ORACLE™ tube calibration tool, base plate and base plate extension.

- Accessory Kit, Fat - (5) ORACLE™ Tubes, (1) roll of Trac Film (600 sheets), (1) Sample Pad starter pack (200 pads), standards kit, operation manual, and barcode scanner

- ORACLE™/Trac Station - Preparation station with sample removal tool, compacting tool, and dedicated locations for Trac Film, and ORACLE™/Trac tubes.

- High Throughput Kit - Includes (2) sample holder plates for oven drying, (50) sample cubes for obtaining moisture/solids in an air oven, (2) sample press tools, and (50) ORACLE™ tubes.

- Appropriate Power Cord(s)

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