OptiDist Automated Atmospheric Distillation Analyzer 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1400W_1242417
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OptiDist Automated Atmospheric Distillation Analyzer 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1400W


Methods : ASTM D 86 (group 0,1,2,3,4), ISO 3405, IP 123, DIN 51 751, NF M07-002, JIS K2254 for boiling groups 0 – 4, ASTM D 850, D 1078, IP 195.

OptiDist is the State-of-the-Art Optimal Solution for performing atmospheric distillation offering highest precision and ease of use ever seen with a true one button operation. Delivers up to 2 times better precision for all common distillation samples from the first run.

  • Optimizer for fully automated heater regulation.
  • Stand-alone unit with Colored Touch Screen and possibility to connect to a PC with IRIS. 
  • Low voltage heater flask heater and fire extinguisher. 
  • With factory filled sealed cooling system and with built-in CFC free cooler compressor.
  • Automatic residue and loss calculation. 
  • Can prepare 10% bottom residue for EN ISO 10370 test. 
  • Built in pressure sensor.
  • Suppied compete with all required start up accessories

Accessories Included :

  • Documentation CD
  • OptiDist Measuring Cylinder 100ml with brass base
  • OptiDist Flask 125ml 
  • OptiDist Vapor Probe Stopper for 100ml, 125ml and 250ml flask
  • OptiDist Vapor Probe with calibration certificate calibrated at 50°C and 250°C
  • OptiDist Vapor Probe wire guide
  • OptiDist Vapor Probe holder
  • OptiDist Heater Base Plate 50 mm opening
  • OptiDist Heater Base Plate 38 mm opening
  • OptiDist Silicone hose for flask connection
  • Rubber Cap for Measuring Cylinder
  • OptiDist Condenser Cleaner
  • OptiDist Receiver Chamber Liquid Vessel
  • Ethernet Cable 3m
  • Hose connection piece
  • Set of  hexagonal wrenches

***The standard optidist set up with the following factory fitted options is also available upon request***

  • With built in Ticket printer
  • With built in reduction of OVC emission and with cruide oil testing capability 
  • With built in Ticket printer, with reduction of VOC emission and with cruide oil testing capability.


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