Model: PLC-2000KN - Primary Load Cell 2000kN (LFSRK)_1665873

Model: PLC-2000KN - Primary Load Cell 2000kN (LFSRK)



Highly accurate MTS load cells are designed to offer high stiffness and stability with low non-linearity. They provide overload and side load protection and are designed with built-in shunt resistors to facilitate regular verification of accuracy using calibration routines featured in MTS software. To increase efficiency and reduce potential operator error, they feature TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheets) self-identification capabilities that follow the recently adopted IEEE 1451.4 standard. This enables an MTS Exceed System to automatically detect installed load cells and download specific calibration information.

Model 2000kN (LFSRK)

  • Type: Low-Profile Flange Mount
  • Capacity : 2000 kN / 450,000 lpf
  • Accuracy Class: 0.5 from 1 to 100%
  • Protected to 150% of capacity

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