Model: MTS_ExceedController - MTS Exceed Controller_1662018

Model: MTS_ExceedController - MTS Exceed Controller


MTS Exceed Controllers increase operator safety, test productivity, system reliability and efficiency. Exceed system controls represent the latest in state-of-the-art digital control and TestSuite TW® application software. You’ll benefit from improved data acquisition, analysis, and reporting capabilities; and achieve compatibility with virtually any laboratory information management system (LIMS).

  • High-resolution MTS digital controller delivers high speed, closed loop control and data acquisition for high fidelity test data and more meaningful analysis.
  • 1000 Hz Data Acquisition Rate
  • 1000 Hz Control Loop Rate
  • 20 bit resolution
  • Operation Controller (Reset button、Upper grip control button、Lower grip control button and Lower crosshead control button)
  • Industry standard USB 2.0 connection from the PC to the machine controller (no card required for the PC)
  • IEEE 1451.4 Industry Standard TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) self-identification of transducers.
  • Expandable multi-channel capability
  • Protection function provides overload, over-current, over-voltage, over-speed and over-travel security

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