Model: 100281191 - MTS Model C41.103 Load Frame_1662122

Model: 100281191 - MTS Model C41.103 Load Frame


Versatile Series 40 Electromechanical Test Systems are ideal for performing monotonic tests with the flexibility, precision and data integrity to meet the full range of testing requirements.

Series 40 systems integrate high-stiffness load frames with high-resolution digital closed-loop controls and compact AC servomotor drives to provide high-speed, low-vibration testing in load and position control at force capacities ranging from 1 N to 600 kN.

Select the Right System

MTS Criterion electromechanical systems address a wide variety of monotonic testing applications. The following detailed specifications will help you find the right system for your needs.

Key Features

  • High-speed, low vibration MTS electromechanical drives
  • High-resolution, digital closed loop controls
  • Handset for convenient test setup
  • MTS load cells with TEDS self-identification capabilities
  • Anti-rotation grip/fixture mounting
  • Linear motion guides for superior alignment
  • Automatic limit checking of crosshead position, overload, over temperature and over voltage

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