Masterflex L/S® High-Performance Precision Pump Tubing, Platinum-Cured Silicone, L/S 24; 25 ft_1186178
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Masterflex L/S® High-Performance Precision Pump Tubing, Platinum-Cured Silicone, L/S 24; 25 ft


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Descriptionplatinum-cured silicone tubing, L/S 24, 25 ft.
Hose Barb Size (InchShort)0.25
L/S Masterflex tubing size24
Length per Pack (FeetShort)25
Length per pack (m)7.6
Max Flow Rate (mLmin)1800
Max pressure (bar)1.7
Max pressure (psi)25
Max Temperature (DegreeC)230
Max Temperature (DegreeF)446
Max Temperature (Dynamic) (DegreeC)100
Max Temperature (Dynamic) (DegreeF)212
Max Vacuum (InchHg)26
Max Vacuum (mmHg)660
Min Temperature (DegreeC)-50
Min Temperature (DegreeF)-58
Min Temperature (Dynamic) (DegreeC)-40
Min Temperature (Dynamic) (DegreeF)-40
Pump SeriesL/S
Resin certification1935/2004;ADCF;EU Food 10/2011;European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, EU Food 10/2011;FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS, Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS, RoHS;USP, EU Food 10/2011;European Pharmacopoeia;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, European Pharmacopoeia;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, USP, EU Food 10/2011;FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;USP, FDA;USP, Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate, 1935/2004;ADCF;EU Food 10/2011;FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;NSF-51;RoHS;USP, 3A;FDA;USP, EU Food 10/2011;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, FDA, FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS, FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, European Pharmacopoeia;USP
Sterilization MethodAutoclave
Sterilization Method AutoclaveYes
Suction Lift (ftH2O)29
Suction Lift (mH2O)8.8
Tubing formulationSilicone (platinum-cured)
Tubing ID (InchShort)0.25
Tubing ID (mm)6.4
Selection Guide
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RoHS Product Status
  • Ensure optimal performance from your Masterflex® pump
  • Slightly greater clarity than peroxide-cured tubing
  • Smooth surfaces; lower protein binding levels
  • Fewer potential leachables
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical and biotechnology use

Masterflex L/S pump tubing is manufactured to extremely close tolerances that match our L/S pump heads, ensuring accurate, repeatable flow and long tubing life. Our pump tubing is factory-tested and optically inspected to provide the best performance from your peristaltic pump. Our High-performance precision pump tubing features a thicker wall compared to our Precision pump tubing, making it the best choice for applications involving pressure, suction lift, viscous fluids, or long tubing life.

Max flow rate is achieved by using a High-Performance Pump Head. See 96119-24 for the irradiated version of this tubing.

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