MFLEX TUBING CHEM BIO #36 50'_1095699
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DescriptionChem-Durance Bio Pump Tubing, L/S 36, 50 ft.
Hose Barb Size (InchShort)0.375
L/S Masterflex tubing size36
Length per Pack (FeetShort)50
Length per pack (m)15.2
Max Flow Rate (mLmin)3400
Max pressure (bar)1.4
Max pressure (psi)20
Max Temperature (DegreeC)74
Max Temperature (DegreeF)165
Max Temperature (Dynamic) (DegreeC)40
Max Temperature (Dynamic) (DegreeF)104
Max Vacuum (InchHg)24
Max Vacuum (mmHg)610
Min Temperature (DegreeC)-60
Min Temperature (DegreeF)-71
Min Temperature (Dynamic) (DegreeC)0
Min Temperature (Dynamic) (DegreeF)32
Pump SeriesL/S
Regulatory ApprovalsEU Food 10/2011;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, FDA, RoHS;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, 1935/2004;ADCF;EU Food 10/2011;FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;NSF-51;RoHS;USP, European Pharmacopoeia;USP, FDA;USP, Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS, EU Food 10/2011;FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;USP, USP, 1935/2004;ADCF;EU Food 10/2011;European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, EU Food 10/2011;FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS, European Pharmacopoeia;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS, EU Food 10/2011;European Pharmacopoeia;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;RoHS;USP, 3A;FDA;USP, Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate
Sterilization MethodAutoclave, Ethylene Oxide, Gamma Irradiation
Sterilization Method AutoclaveYes
Sterilization Method EtOYes
Sterilization Method GammaYes
Suction Lift (ftH2O)27
Suction Lift (mH2O)8.3
Tubing formulationChem-Durance Bio
Tubing ID (InchShort)0.382
Tubing ID (mm)9.7
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RoHS Product Status

Applications: Laboratory, pharmaceutical processing, and biotech applications for pump lines.
Characteristics: Excellent chemical resistance. Excellent life and durability under pressure with low spallation. Plasticizer-free inner liner with elastomer jacket. Opaque.

NOTE: For best pump tubing life, please limit the drive to 100 RPM or less.

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