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LEYBONOL LVO 700, 1 Liter


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Oil typeSynthetic cyclic hydrocarbon
Package size1 liter
Viscosity at 40 °C31.3 mm²/s

Oils / Greases / Lubricants

The lubricants of Leybold are especially designed with regard to the high demands in vacuum technology. Their vapour pressure is low at high temperatures and the water content and water uptake is minimal. Their viscosity characteristics are flat, lubricating properties excellent, and they have high resistance against thermal decomposition and increased mechanical stress. Depending on the requirements (resistance to hydrolysis or oxidation, non-flammability, DOT-compatibility, approvability for food industry, etc.) different oil fractions, greases and pump fluids are available.

LVO 700, Special Lubricants


Synthetic cyclic hydrocarbon. H1 registered by NSF. Very high thermal stability and highly resistant against oxidation and decomposition. Very long lifetime.

Examples of use:
Chemically inert to gases of acidic nature. For long service intervals.

Product examples:
SOGEVAC BI-series ≤ SV 120 BI (FC)

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