PMP FXDSP 20RPM 2CHNL 8RLR 230_1171331
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Control typeFixed-Speed
Descriptionrack-mount minicartridge pump, 2-Ch, 8-R, 20 rpm, 230 VAC
Duty cycleContinuous
Height (cm)14.3
Height (InchShort)5.625
Length (cm)13.3
Length (InchShort)5.25
Max Flow Rate (mLmin)6.2
Max Flow Rate Per Channel (mLmin)6.2
Max pressure (psi)22
Max rpm20
Min Flow Rate (mLmin)6.2
Min Flow Rate Per Channel (mLmin)6.2
Min RPM20
Number of Channels2
Number of Rollers8
Power (Hz)50
Power (VAC)230
Width (cm)8.3
Width (InchShort)3.25
Instruction Manual
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  • Compact size mounting rod—use these pumps almost anywhere
  • A constant-speed, synchronous motor ensures a steady, repeatable flow rate
  • Change tubing sizes to obtain different flow rates

Minicartridge design offers the easiest and most convenient tubing changes of all—even replace tubing while your pump is running! Order extra optional minicartridges with adjustable occlusion to manually vary pressure on each channel. Have extra 3-stop tubing on hand when fast tubing changes are crucial. (Scroll down to see all accessory choices.)

Whats Included:

a 5-1/2"L x 1/2" dia (14 x 0.5 cm) mounting rod, a 6-ft (1.8-m) cord with plug, two or four minicartridges (see product title or table information inside each product page for number of channels).

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