3-STP PVC FLARED 0.89MMID 12PK_1191464
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Description3-Stop, PVC Stopped Tubing with Flared Ends, 0.89 mm ID, 12/pk
Length (FeetShort)1.25
Length (m)0.381
Length per Pack (FeetShort)1.25
Resin certificationFDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP;NSF-51, European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;NSF-51;USP, FDA;USP, USP, 3A;FDA;NSF-51, 3A;FDA;USP, European Pharmacopoeia;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP, Non-DEHP;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP;USP, ADCF;USP, FDA, FDA;NSF-51;USP, FDA;NSF-61, 3A;FDA;Non-DEHP;NSF-51, FDA;NSF-51, 3A;European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;USP, European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP;NSF-51;NSF-61, Non-DEHP
Tubing formulationnon-DEHP PVC
Tubing ID (mm)0.89
  • Flared ends for easy extension tubing assembly
  • Pthalate-free
  • USP Class VI PVC
  • Applications include Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Peristaltic Pumps
  • 61 Shore A
  • REACH and RoHS Compliant
  • Very low Gas Permeability

Three-Stop Flared PVC Color-coded Autoanalysis Tubing for Ismatec Pumps is USP Class VI tubing that is Phthalate-free. It has a long pumping life and exhibits a wide range of acid and chemical resistance, thus making it an ideal choice for Pharmaceutical industries. Plasticiser is very tightly bonded into the material, preventing any leaching of component chemicals into the medium being transported, maintaining its sterility. The tubing is transparent, which allows visual observation of tubing contents. It also offers very low gas permeability and can withstand high pressure contents.

Tubing is also called TAAT / microbore and auto analysis.

Whats Included:

two 1" (25-mm) PTFE-coated stir bars and power cord.

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