GLS Sampler with 1 gallon (3.75 liter) polypropylene bottle._1281197
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GLS Sampler with 1 gallon (3.75 liter) polypropylene bottle.


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Designed for general purpose or priority pollutant sampling in municipal and industrial applications where a full-size sampler is too large. It collects composite samples, based on time or flow intervals, in 1 or 2.5 gallon glass or polyethylene bottles, or in 2 gallon disposable ProPak™ bags.

With GLS's simplified programming, setup takes less than a minute. In the field, the operator simply calls up the program with two keystrokes, presses the "go" button - and the sampling routine begins. You can also key in an alternate program in the field, without losing your stored program.

* Overall diameter is only 42cm, so fits easily into manholes as small as 46cm, and also easily drops into most offset manholes.
* Dry weight is less than 12kg, the lightest sampler in the Isco line.
* Hinged handle makes one-handed carrying a breeze.
* The patented LD90 Liquid Presence Detector and Isco pump revolution counting system deliver accurate, repeatable sample volumes time after time.

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