Freeze point, viscosity, density for jet fuels; cloud and pour point for diesel fuels with 48 position autosampler_1667341
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Freeze point, viscosity, density for jet fuels; cloud and pour point for diesel fuels with 48 position autosampler


Pour Point, Cloud Point, Freeze Point, Viscosity and Density  5 in 1 Phas Technology analyzer for Jet and Diesel Fuel testing with 48 position autosampler.

Freeze, viscosity and density measurement for Jet fuels

Pour and cloud point for diesel fuels.

Main Features: 

  • Super fast speed -  Four different tests in less than 15 minutes 
  • Automatic sample input - No pipette required. New vial injection system loads sample automatically. 
  •  Self cleaning; no solvent required - Cost savings of solvent usage and time savings as resources can be used for more productive activities 
  •  No external chiller - Quiet, cool, self-contained thermoelectric cooler; no hazardous liquid bath medium (methanol toxicity) 
  •  No breakable glassware - Internal capillary system eliminates need for fragile glass viscosity tubes 
  • Superior precision - Best measured repeatability and reproducibility of any automatic or manual method 
  •  One-touch preset Favorites - Frequently-used test settings can be stored in the analyzer for quick access. Favorites can be created, organized, sorted or deleted as you desire. With the single push of a button, lab operators can efficiently perform tests in significantly less time.
  • Optimized for quality control - Automatic QC runs with instantaneous control charts. Retest sample option increases confidence in test result
  • Unsurpassed detection of contamination in jet fuels
  • Easy-to-use interface; intuitive and easy to understand 
  • Full-color, touch-sensitive, 15” high resolution screen
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Programmable user access levels streamlines workflow and prevents accidental 


  • Import and store any user documents (.doc, .pdf, .ppt and .pps) for customized 

    operating procedures (SOP) or training.

  • Configurable desiccant replacement count.
  • Customizable reporting - test history, plot data and self-diagnostics can be displayed on-screen, printed, or transferred to computer for statistical analysis, presentations, email sharing, archival storage.
  • Test uses small sample volume

Printing, LIMS and Data Export

  • Printer USB interface for label printer or full-size HP/PCL printer 
  • LIMS interface Ethernet or RS232, Used defined Data String, Automatic LIMS transfer 
  • Data Export USB Memory Stick, Import into Excel 

Accessories included with the JFA-70Xi-PC-AS

  • 48 position Autosampler
  •  DRD-601P Dryer desiccant (single pack) for analyzer purging system 
  • 102-03-8417-B Sample dryer sacs (30 sacs) for removing moisture in fuel sample. Recommended for jet fuel freezing point  test. 
  • 000-38-8470-C 70Xi 15" Screen Protector, Anti-Glare, 303mm x 226mm (1 piece) 
  • 000-05-0217-A Waste Bottle for 70Xi-AS/SS/JFA Assembly 
  • User Guide
  • Quick start guide
  • Calibration certificate
  • 1 year warranty

Standard ASTM Methods :

  • Freezing Point: ASTM D2386; ASTM D5972; IP 16, IP 435, ISO 3013, SH/T  0770-2015, GOST 52332
  • Viscosity: ASTM D7945, ASTM D445, IP 71, ISO 3104 
  • Density: ASTM D4052, IP 365, ISO 12185

Optional Barcode Reader and Label printer available. 

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