Free and damped torsional vibrations_1919735

Free and damped torsional vibrations


Torsional vibrations play a major role in drive systems. Selecting an inappropriate natural frequency can lead to resonance phenomena, which in some circumstances may lead to serious damage.

The TM 150.02 unit can be used to produce free torsional vibrations and to study the effects of torsional stiffness, mass and damping on frequency and amplitude. The accessory kit is designed to be installed in the TM 150 or TM 155 vibration trainers.

The accessory kit contains three different torsion bars and different mass disks with which to create torsional vibrations.

The rigidity of the torsion bars can be adjusted by selecting the effective length of the bar, such that the natural frequency of the torsional vibration can be adjusted within wide limits.

Bearings and mass disks are clamped to positions on the torsion bars using clamping chucks. An oil damper is used to display damped vibrations. The vibrations are recorded on the TM 150/TM 155 recorder.

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