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UH0084 Fourier ChemLab, FT-NMR Benchtop PACKAGE


UH0084                         1 PC

Fourier ChemLab, FT-NMR Benchtop

High-performance Fourier Transform (FT) NMR spectrometer in a

compact benchtop system. Its compact footprint and minimal

infrastructure requirements allow the instrument to be placed on the

lab bench or inside the fume hood, next to the chemist’s workspace.

The Fourier ChemLab is a compact solution to verify and optimize

chemical synthesis steps, incl.:

- Cryogen-free, temperature-controlled permanent magnet at an

operating proton frequency of 80 MHz, no liquid nitrogen or helium,

water cooling or additional venting required

- To be used in a temperature-regulated room of 18 to 28°C with

typical temperature variations of max. ±1.5 °C

- Dimensions: ~50/ 70/ 60 cm (H/ W/ D), weight: ~94 kg

- Power consumption < 300 W, power: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

- Resolution: 1H @ 50% peak height (FWHH): < 0.4 Hz, 1H @ 0.55%

peak height: < 16 Hz

- Receiver bandwidth up to 1 MHz, RF shapes: 14-bit resolution, RF

time resolution: 12.5 ns

- Ethernet connections: 1 to PC or network, 1 to optional accessories,

external trigger: 1

- Dedicated acquisition and analysis software included, automated

shim routine

- TopSpin pulse program library included, Non-Uniform Sampling (NUS)


- Fourier standard shim sample included

- Fourier standard line shape sample included

FH0031                         1 PC

Sample Temperature

Sample temperature: at 25°C magnet temperature

FH0020                         1 PC

Gradient Option Fourier

Pulsed Field Gradient

- Probe equipped with an one-axis gradient

- Full linear gradient

- Gradient: 5 A max. current

- Gradient power: >0.25 T/m (> 25 G/ cm)

- Gradient shape resolution: 18 bit

- Gradient time resolution: 10 us

H176415                         1 PC

Fourier Accessory Kit

The Fourier Accessory Case includes:

- 2 Fourier sample tube holders for 7 inch long NMR standard tubes

with an outer diameter of 5 mm (Z170760)

- 1 Fourier cleaning kit to be used in case of tube breakage, to remove broken

glass and spill safely from the probe (H176417)

- 100 economy tubes for routine NMR, 5 mm outer diameter, 7 inch

length, wall 0.38 mm, camber 60 um, including Bruker caps without

holes with code (Z172600)

- USB-stick including Fourier documentation in electronic format


- 2 Backup fuses, 5x20 mm, 6.3 A (1801717)

FH0011                          1 PC

1H/13C Probe 5mm/7'' with ext. lock

- 1H/ 13C double channel probe for standard 5 mm diameter, 7 inch

long NMR tubes

- Digital Lock: external (no deuterated solvents needed)

- Sensitivity: 1H > 160:1 for 1% ethyl benzene

- RF power 1H: 5W, 13C: 20 W

- Experiments e.g.: 1H: 1D, 1D with solvent suppression,1D selective

excitation, T1, T2, reaction monitoring, 1H 2D: COSY, JRES, 13C: 1D

(with NOE and decoupling), DEPT45, DEPT90, DEPT135,ATP, 13C-1H


UH0089                         1 PC

Bench PC with Touchscreen

- HP MS-Windows PC Mini

- Workstation to be placed between screen and screen base

- HP monitor with touch

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