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Fan heater / air heat exchanger


Trainer consisting of a fan convector with piping, quick-release couplings and temperature sensors. The trainer may be used both to heat rooms and to absorb ambient heat from the outside air. It can thus be operated as either a heat sink or a heat source for a heat pump.

In the case of heating rooms, compared to traditional heating radiators, fan heaters offer the possibility of achieving a comparatively good transfer of heat to the room air, even at small dimensions. This advantage makes it possible to operate room heating with lower temperatures in the heating circuit. When combined with a heat pump, the fan heater therefore often represents a beneficial application both economically and in terms of energy, especially when renovating heating systems in old buildings.

When absorbing ambient heat to supply heat to a heat pump, air heat exchangers are often used when there is no access or difficulty accessing other heat sources such as groundwater or geothermal heat collectors. The disadvantage of the energy balance, particularly unfavourable in winter, in this case is contrasted with the advantage of lower initial investment costs.

Carefully structured instructional materials have been created for the recommended modular combinations with the HL 320.08 module. As part of the documentation for the HL 320 modular system, these materials set out the basic principles and provide a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

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