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Elements for energy dissipation


Supercritical discharge directly downstream of a control structure has a high energy. The discharge can cause damages on the flume bottom. With the aid of stilling basins and elements like chute blocks, baffle blocks, and end sills, the flow energy is dissipated and the position of the hydraulic jump is affected. End sills are used to create a stilling basin and to keep the hydraulic jump in one position.

The elements for energy dissipation included in HM 160.35 are used together with the ogee-crested weir HM 160.32. All elements to be studied are mounted on a base plate. The weir with chute block included in HM 160.35 replaces the weir of HM 160.32. The end sills and baffle blocks are placed downstream of the weir. They can be used individually or combined.

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