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Electrical faults in refrigerant compressors


Identifying electrical faults in refrigeration systems requires comprehensive knowledge This knowledge includes the design and operation of the individual electrical components as well as the reading of circuit diagrams. ET 172 helps to acquire this knowledge.

The electrical components for the start and operation of a refrigerant compressor are clearly visibly arranged in a transparent showcase and already wired. The capacitor and start-up relay required for the motor are examined. Typical protection devices, such as circuit breaker and automatic fuse, are also arranged clearly visible.

The simulation of 15 different faults, e.g. coil fracture in the motor, short circuit in the operating capacitor or welded contacts in the start-up relay, is possible. For fault indication, voltages and resistances are checked at the lab jacks with the multimeter. The depiction of the circuit diagram on the front panel facilitates the allocation of the measuring points.

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