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PAL-Coffee Refractometer (Brix)


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Accuracy+/- 0.1%
Brix0.00 to 25.00%
Dimensiosn & Weight5.5 x 3.1 x 10.9cm and 100g
International Protection ClassIP65 Water resistant
Measurement Timeabout 3 seconds
Sample Volume2 to 3 drops
Temp compensation10 to 100 degrees

PAL-COFFEE(Brix scale only)

It has a high resolution of 0.01% which allows the subtle differences in the concentration of coffee and espresso to be measured.

Stable readings are possible even at high-temperatures due to the continuous measurement feature.

For TDS scale, please choose PAL-Coffee(TDS).
For Double scales of Brix and TDS, pleas choose PAL-Coffee(BX/TDS).

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