DIAMOND TIPS, D1000, RELOAD PACK 576_1184662

Gilson, PIPETMAN DIAMOND, D1000, Universal Pipette Tips, 100-1000 μL, Non-Sterile, Non-Filtered, Reload Pack, Polypropylene, 576 tips


The price is inclusive of GST
Volume Range100µl-1000µl

Performance Tips for PIPETMAN!

The smartest way to refill your TIPACK Box

RELOAD PACK is the easiest and quickest way to refill the empty TIPACK Box. Three times smaller than a regular tips box, this packaging is easy to store on all benches. Using up to 70% less plastic than a regular rack box, this new packaging is also eco-friendly. The racks are color-coded to differenciate tip models and indicate the compatible Gilson pipette models.

Autoclaving conditions: Moist heat / 121°C / 20 minutes / 1 bar

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