Gilson PIPETMAN DIAMOND Universal Pipette Tips D200, 2-200 μL, Polypropylene, Bulk - ECOPACK, 10000 Pack, Non-Sterile, Non-Filtered_1195498
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Gilson PIPETMAN DIAMOND Universal Pipette Tips D200, 2-200 μL, Polypropylene, Bulk - ECOPACK, 10000 Pack, Non-Sterile, Non-Filtered


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Volume Range2µl-200µl
DIAMOND® Standard Tips - ECOPACK™: Pure Performance Tips for PIPETMAN®
The economical way to order tips. Each box contains 10000 tips (10 bags of 1000 tips). Bulk Packs are sealed with a tamper-proof strip which can easily be opened for quick access to Gilson's Diamond Tips. Bulk Packs are closed using the rapid-sealing strip to prevent contamination and loss of tips.

Bulk Packs are easy to open ... quick to seal!

Tips are autoclavable under the following conditions: Moist heat/121°C/20 minutes/1 bar.

Accuracy & Precision
Superior Accuracy and Precision Guaranteed
"The maximum permissible errors always apply to the total system of piston pipette and tip. When using pipette tips not delivered by the pipette supplier, the supplier's declaration or certificate of conformity does not apply" (ISO 8655-2).

Diamond Tip Geometry Delivers Maximum Accuracy
DIAMOND Tips guarantee that Gilson pipettes meet our specified tolerances and deliver consistent results over time.

Results obtained in the Gilson ISO 17025 COFRAC accredited laboratory from 10 measurements of 1µl of water at 21°C using a PIPETMAN P10.

Adding Comfort While Fitting and Ejecting Tips
Loose tip fitting is a major cause of bad performance. Specifically designed for Gilson pipettes, the tip-collar of Gilson DIAMOND Tips is calculated to fit the tip-holder perfectly.

Best Match Between Pipette and Tips Reduces the Strain to Fit & Eject Tips
With DIAMOND Tips no need to jam them on "extra tight" - the use of excessive force that causes muscular stress and fatigue to the arm and shoulder is greatly reduced. As a result, thumb force to eject tips is minimal.

Pure Polypropolene Ensures No Contamination and Complete Dispensing
DIAMOND Tips are made from the highest grade virgin polypropylene to prevent contamination of your experiments.

This polypropylene has high hydrophobic properties to ensure the lowest possible retention no matter what liquid is pipetted.

Often overlooked as a source of sample contamination, the pipette tip comes into direct contact with the sample and may contaminate the solution. Gilson DIAMOND® Tips are designed to meet the most stringent demands of the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries, in various fields and applications such as PCR, molecular biology or cell technology. Because Gilson cares about the success and integrity of your research, we are committed to providing the quality and precision that researchers expect.

Fully traceable from the mold to your laboratory bench

  • Gilson logo means genuine DIAMOND Tips.
  • Identification number guarantees the manufacturing quality of the tips.
  • Batch number on each pack and rack.
  • A quality certificate states that all tips comply with the CE IVD directive and they have been sampled, inspected and produced to the highest standards.

Color-coded packaging

  • Volume recognition at a glance.
  • Helps prevent errors in the stock room and in the laboratory.

Prevention of Contamination
Clean production environment
Free of trace metals: A certificate giving evidence of the low level of potential contamination can be downloaded here.

Sterilised Tips
Free of biological contaminants: Free of detectable DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase, ATP, Pyrogens and trace metals.
Sterility assurance level: Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 is achieved by gamma irradiation. To download a copy of the biological contaminant certificate with batch number, please click here.
Optimised packaging: All sterilised packs are wrapped in medical device quality plastic. Indicator dots used on Gilson's products undergo an irreversible color change upon sterilisation. Yellow gamma dots turn red when products have been properly exposed.

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