Cole-Parmer Platinum-Cured Reinforced Silicone Tubing, 3/8_1188633

Cole-Parmer Platinum-Cured Reinforced Silicone Tubing, 3/8


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Clarity (translucent)Yes
DescriptionPlatinum-Cured Reinforced Silicone Tubing, 3/8
GMP CompliantYes
Length (FeetShort)50
Length (m)15.2
Length per Pack (FeetShort)50
Length per pack (m)15.2
Max pressure (bar)12.410568
Max pressure (psi)180
Max Temperature (DegreeC)160
Max Temperature (DegreeF)320
Min Temperature (DegreeC)-51
Min Temperature (DegreeF)-60
Regulatory ApprovalsFDA;Non-DEHP;NSF-51, FDA;Non-DEHP;USP, FDA;USP, ADCF;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP;NSF-51;NSF-61, FDA;NSF-51;USP, 3A;FDA;Non-DEHP;NSF-51, 3A;FDA;USP, 3A;FDA;NSF-51, European Pharmacopoeia;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;USP, FDA;NSF-51, FDA;NSF-61, European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP, USP, Non-DEHP, FDA, 3A;European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;USP, Non-DEHP;USP, European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;NSF-51;USP
Sterilization Method (Autoclave)Yes
Sterilization Method (EtO)Yes
Sterilization Method (Gamma)Yes
Tubing formulationSilicone
Tubing ID (InchShort)0.375
Tubing ID (mm)9.6
Tubing OD (InchShort)0.625
Tubing OD (mm)16
Wall Thickness (InchShort)0.125
Wall thickness (mm)3.175
Working pressure (psi)180
  • Won't crack under pressure—withstands pressures to 312 psi
  • Silicone tubing has a 3/8" inner diameter

Formulation: Tygon® 3370 I. B., silicone, platinum cured.
Applications: Demanding sanitary high-pressure pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, and cosmetic applications.
Characteristics: Excellent heat resistance, low compression set, odorless, and nontoxic. Translucent.
Certification: Elastomer is FDA-compliant (21 CFR 177.2600) and USP Class V extractables; exceeds Class VI implant; exceeds 3A Sanitary Standards; produced to Bulk Pharmaceutical cGMPs (FDA 21 CFR 210, 211). Tubing manufactured according to GMP
Temperature range: –60 to 320°F
(–51 to 160°C)
Sterilize: With autoclave, ethylene oxide, or gamma irradiation.

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