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Separation of fluids are crucial steps in your laboratory workflow; so it's important to understand the centrifuge requirements, specifications and other factors in deciding the right centrifuge for your applications. John Morris Group - the largest supplier of laboratory and industrial science equipment in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania, offers a wide range of centrifuges from Cole Parmer, and Sigma. Our large selection ensures that you get the right centrifuge for your operation, be it laboratory use or large capacity centrifuges for industrial use.

High Capacity - These centrifuges are designed to provide the best in performance and large capacity to provide seperations for large scale applications like bio-processing.

High Speed - These centrifuges combine the latest technology, flexible rotor capacities, and super high speed performance to ensure maximum productivity with extremely high acceleration rates. These centrifuges are popular in biochemical applications, where careful control of speed and temperature is essential for safegaurding biological samples.

Micro - Mirco centrifuges are compact, safe and easy to use. They bring power to the process while maintaining flexibility and conveneience. These micor-centrifuges are popular in the laboratory for various applications such as the pelleting of nucleic acids or proteins from solutions and micro-filtration of small aqueous samples.

entrifuge Accessories - John Morris Group also offers various centrifuge accessories such as adapters, bottles, buckets, carriers, plate holders, rotors, tables and much more. We have everything you need to ensure your centrifuge applications are done in the most efficient and accurate way.


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