Masterflex Transfer Tubing, C-Flex®, Clear, 3/8" ID x 5/8" OD; 25 Ft_1092112
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Masterflex Transfer Tubing, C-Flex®, Clear, 3/8" ID x 5/8" OD; 25 Ft


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Clarity (translucent)Yes
DescriptionClear Tubing, 3/8"ID x 5/8"OD, 25 ft/pack
GMP CompliantYes
Length (FeetShort)25
Length (m)7.6
Length per Pack (FeetShort)25
Length per pack (m)7.6
Max pressure (bar)1.5857948
Max pressure (psi)23
Max Temperature (DegreeC)135
Max Temperature (DegreeF)275
Min Temperature (DegreeC)-45
Min Temperature (DegreeF)-50
Resin certificationFDA;NSF-51, European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;NSF-51;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP;NSF-51;NSF-61, FDA;Non-DEHP;USP, 3A;European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;USP, 3A;FDA;Non-DEHP;NSF-51, European Pharmacopoeia;USP, FDA;Non-DEHP;NSF-51, FDA, FDA;Non-DEHP, ADCF;USP, 3A;FDA;USP, European Pharmacopoeia;FDA;USP, USP, FDA;NSF-51;USP, FDA;NSF-61, FDA;USP, 3A;FDA;NSF-51, FDA;Non-DEHP;Non-Phthalate;USP, Non-DEHP, Non-DEHP;USP
Sterilization Method (Autoclave)Yes
Sterilization Method (EtO)Yes
Sterilization Method (Gamma)Yes
Tubing formulationC-Flex
Tubing ID (InchShort)0.375
Tubing ID (mm)9.6
Tubing OD (InchShort)0.625
Tubing OD (mm)16
Wall Thickness (InchShort)0.125
Wall thickness (mm)3.175
Working pressure (psi)23
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Applications: Pharmaceutical, biotech, and general-purpose lab uses requiring high performance. Economical alternative to platinum silicone.
Characteristics: Exceptional tensile and tear strength, good biocompatibility, excellent chemical resistance, low gas permeability, and a smooth surface. Transparent.
Certification: Product is manufactured in accordance with Part 820 Quality System Requirements (GMP); and meets USP Class VI.
Temperature range: -40 to 275°F (–40 to 135°C)
Sterilize: Autoclave, ethylene oxide, or gamma irradiation. See 96124-16 for the irradiated version of this tubing.

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