Centrifuge Safety in Focus: John Morris Group Delivers Successful Sigma Centrifuge Workshop to The University of Queensland

Sigma Centrifuge Workshop for the PEF team at The University of Queensland.

At John Morris Group, we understand the importance of providing researchers with the knowledge and skills to operate centrifuges effectively and safely.

In line with this commitment, we recently conducted a Sigma Centrifuge Workshop for the PEF team at The University of Queensland. Led by our knowledgeable Product Manager, Ozlem Alizart, the workshop provided a comprehensive overview of the operational aspects of our Sigma centrifuges.

Interactive Learning for Optimal Results

The workshop fostered an interactive learning environment, encouraging participants to ask questions and engage in discussions. This approach ensured a well-rounded learning experience for all attendees.

Key Areas Covered in the Sigma Centrifuge Workshop

  • In-depth review of Sigma centrifuge features and functionalities.
  • Daily safety checks
  • Safe installation and use of rotors
  • How to select the best and safest configuration for your specific requirements.
  • Understand the safety features on centrifuges
  • Cleaning and ongoing maintenance protocols
  • Identifying hazards.

By providing in-depth training on these critical areas, the workshop empowered the PEF team at The University of Queensland to confidently operate their Sigma centrifuges while prioritizing safety in the lab.

Looking for a Sigma Centrifuge Workshop for Your Team?

John Morris Group is a leading provider of Sigma centrifuges and related laboratory equipment. We offer a variety of workshops and training programs designed to meet the specific needs of your research team.

Contact us today to learn more about our Sigma centrifuge workshops and how we can help your team achieve optimal results safely and efficiently.


March 22, 2024

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