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Balances & Scales

John Morris Group offers the largest range of balances and scales in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania region. We offer a large selection of balances and scales, that can suit applications in schools, laboratories, industrial, research, environmental and virutally any environment.
Our range of balances & Scales include;

Analytical Balances - These are used to measure the mass of any matter with a high degree of precision. These are primarily electronic instruments with the ability to record the mass up to 0.0001 grams and can be used to detect and changes in the mass that may happen due to external factors like evaporation. These balances are ideal for weighing small samples where accuracy of measurement is required up to 0.1 mg or higher. Thus they are primarily used in laboratories for processes like formulation, material testing etc. and in industries like food, phrama, plastics, and chemicals.

Precision Balances - Precision balances are primarily used to measure quantities ranging fro several hundred grams to up to a several kilograms. They are not as accurate as analytical balances but are in general much more accurale than average compact scales. Precision balances are used in various laboratories and chemistry applications.

Pocket Balances - Pocket balances, as the name refers t0, are small enough to be carried inside a pocket. But inspite of their small size, they can and are used by schools, jewellers and laboratories for measuring masses of smal objects.

Industrial Scales - Our range of industrial scales include axle loads, bench scales, counting scales, crane scales, floor scales, hanging scales, platform scales and much more.

Medical Scales - We offer a wide range of medical scales that can be used to measure baby weight, body fat, obesity, personal weighing scales, veterinary scales, etc.


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