SETA MTVM-Kerosine_1175289

SETA MTVM-Kerosine


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Acid NumberRange <0.100mg KOH/g Amount/test 100ml
Aromatics FIARange 16 to 22%vol Amount/test 0.75ml
DensityRange 0.799 to 0.805kg/l Amount/Test 2ml
Distillation10% - Range 159 to 188°C 50% - Range 183 to 218°C 90% - Range 220° to 247°C Amount/Test 100ml
Distillation FBPRange 244 to 268°C Amount/Test 100ml
Distillation IBPRange 140 to 180°C Amount/Test 100ml
Distillation LossRange 0.4 to 0.8%vol Amount/Test 100ml
Distillation ResidueRange 11 to 13%Vol Amount/Test 100ml
Flash PointRange 35 to 60°C Amount Test 85ml
Freezing pointRange -62 to -44°C Amount/test 25ml
Kinematic Viscosity at -20°C2 to 8mm2/s Amount/test 20ml
Mercaptans0.0001 to 0.100% (m/m) Amount/test 40ml
Smoke PointRange 20 to 25mm Amount/test 20ml

A unique secondary reference material that provides traceable validation of different test parameters from one sample. Rapid global delivery and compliance with ISO 17025 & ISO 9001 requirements, mean that Seta's verification materials offer readily available support for laboratory accreditation and compliance programmes.

Incorrect determination of a result can have far reaching financial and safety implications. The growing use of automated instrumentation increases the possibility that incorrect results may go undetected and in addition the early indication of bias is a useful warning to minimise production ‘giveaway’.

Multi Test Verification Materials (MTVM) allow routine monitoring of instrument performance and are also particularly helpful in training personnel on new equipment and test methods. We recommend the purchase of MTVM’s with new instrumentation to assist with installation and commissioning.

Supplied in 500ml container with 18 month validity from date of supply.

Certification: Supplied with a Certificate which gives the certified value for each test method covered by the material.

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