REDUCER 1.5X1" CLAMP 316L SS_1124461


Connection TypeSanitary
DescriptionEccentric Sanitary Clamp Reducer, 316L SS, 1.5" X 1"
Fitting Material316L Stainless Steel
Sanitary Clamp Size (Port 1) (InchShort)1-1/2
Sanitary Clamp Size (Port 2) (InchShort)1
  • Meets FDA requirements and 3A sanitary standards
  • Easily connects pipes or fittings of different types
    Compatible with standard 304L fitting clamps
    Ideal for pharmaceutical industry
    Chemical compatibility for use with corrosive acids and bases

Choose from two material options. The 316L stainless steel couplings are suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. They offer great chemical compatibility for use with corrosive acids and bases. The 304 stainless steel couplings are ideal for the food, beverage, and dairy industries. They offer good chemical compatibility and are cost effective.
Clamps and gaskets required for a complete system are sold separately.

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