Our Vision

The vision statement of John Morris Group, resonating with our purpose and allowing us to align our efforts, is

To delight our customers through better technology and service.

Our Mission

We will continue to strive towards this with a mission statement broken down into 4 memorable words:

Regardless of whether our customers are external (paying customers, partners etc.) or internal (other team members), we will strive to delight our customers with these 4 steps:

Define (your needs) – all aspects of the problem through active consultation, pertinent questions and verified comprehension.
Design (a recommendation) – a solution which understands the problems, available technology and business needs, by collaborating with knowledge and problem owners to satisfy the true end purpose for the solution.
Deliver (the right solution) – the proposal or range of possible solutions based upon the conditions above.
Delight (you throughout)– our customer with the best possible solution, successful installation, helpful user training and world class post-sales service and support.

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