As a leading high-tech material form, nanofibers are finding ever-increasing use in the key research areas that will shape a better world. Nanofiber-based products are critical in the development of filtration Technologies for gases and liquids; efficient energy technologies; separator membranes for future energy storage devices and as functional fibrous materials for waterproof and breathable fabrics and textiles. They are also gaining importance in biomedical innovation through their use in wound- dressing membranes and as matrix materials for tissue engineering.

To this end, Inovenso designs laboratory-scale, pilot-scale and industrial-scale electrospinning equipment that provides essential manufacturing capability fort hese, and associated materials whilst being committed to the ongoing development of processing facilities that will allow the technology of electrospinning to evolve into new materials, structures and applications. To achieve this, Inovenso actively co-operates and interacts with our customers to tailor systems that suit their aims and goals and future directions.

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