Heidelberg Instruments

Founded in 1984, Heidelberg Instruments is today a global leader in design, development and manufacturing of complex laser based maskless lithography systems. These systems are critical to fabrication of advanced photomasks and direct write solutions.

MLA Series

Our Maskless Aligners are high performance direct exposure systems specifically designed for easy operation and high speed exposures. They offer all the capabilities of a traditional Mask Aligner for single layer and multi-layer applications and even overcome some of the limitations of photomask based exposure technologies. The MLA will eliminate the need for photomasks and shorten your development cycle significantly.

Direct Write Systems

The capabilities and flexibility of these systems make them the perfect lithographic tools for the production of photomasks as well as for direct exposures of wafers and other substrates. They are used for various applications like MEMS, BioMEMS, Micro Optics, ASICs, Micro Fluidics, Sensors, CGHs, and all other applications that require microstructures.

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