Service Maintenance Agreements

Should your equipment break down, having access to prompt & reliable support in your time of need is critically important to ensure any operational down-time is minimised.

To safeguard & enable your equipment to perform to its optimum operating conditions, plus to minimise any likelihood of unforeseen break down, regularly calibration/servicing of your equipment is recommended.

We offer a choice of Service Maintenance Agreements to suit your individual requirements.

  • Equipment Break Down Services:
  • Frequency of break down
Unlimited Unlimited -
  • Cost of labour
Included Included 15% discount
  • Cost of travel
Included Included 15% discount
  • Cost of repair parts
Included 15% discount 15% discount
  • Unscheduled break down service response times:
  • Zone 1* - Initial phone call
<4 hours <4 hours <8 hours
  • Zone 1* - Time taken to be on-site
<24 hours <24 hours 36 - 48 hours
  • Zone 2* - Initial phone call
<4 hours <4 hours -
  • Zone 2* - Time taken to be on-site
<36 hours <36 hours -
  • Zone 3* - Initial phone call
<4 hours <4 hours -
  • Zone 3* - Time taken to be on-site
36 to 48 hours
(subject to flight availability)
36 to 48 hours
(subject to flight availability)
  • Scheduled Routine Preventative Maintenance Visits
2 annually 2 annually 1 annually
For high throughput instruments, & for compliancy purposes, additional Preventative Maintenance visits can be added to the Platinum & Gold level agreements (charges will apply).
* Zone 1 (travel <150 km from JMG regional office); Zone 2 (travel 150 to 350 km from JMG regional office); Zone 3 (travel>350 km from JMG regional office)

Exclusions under the agreements include gases for refrigerated products & the cost of re-gassing/de-gassing, consumable items & accessories (light sources/lasers) & calibration kits (unless specified).

Loyalty Discounts

We recognise & reward customers who take out Service Maintenance Agreements for multiple instruments over 1 to 5 years by providing attractive discount rates (fixed prices lock in the cost & allow ease of budgeting).

Scheduled Routine Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance maximises your equipment’s reliability, improves longevity plus minimises costly interruptions to your operations.

During a Preventative Maintenance check-up, our engineers will:

  • Exchange wear & tear components or maintenance kits where stated
  • Lubricate, perform minor repairs & cleaning tasks where specified
  • Conduct mechanical & electrical safety testing
  • Install recommended manufacturer software
  • Calibrate & validate where applicable
  • Ensure equipment operates to factory specification
  • Instruct user training & provide technical support to staff where applicable
  • Provide a detailed Preventative Maintenance Report of all work undertaken

Work for all service contracts are performed between 8:30am & 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding pubic holidays).

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